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Can anyone register as a member?
BIG UP! It corresponds to the terms of use, and those who agree can use the service and register as a member. If you do not agree to the terms of use, you can not use BIG UP! And register as a member.
I forgot my password.
Please go to "Forgot your password?"
I want to change registration information (profile information, transfer place information, login information, password).
You can change it from " My Page " in "Account settings".
I can not register for membership. Registration confirmation mail does not come.
Registration confirmation mail has been sent to the registered e-mail address. If you do not receive the confirmation email please cancel the domain with Also, please open the URL from the confirmation email and complete the main registration.
If you still haven't received the email after trying the aboveHerePlease contact Please select "I can't Log in in" for the details of the inquiry, enter the details (I can't receive the email and can't Sign Up...) We will contact you from BIG UP!
Is it possible to register multiple members?
Basic One person is one member. If you belong to more than one band and want to separate the transfer accountHerePlease contact us.
Is it a minor, is it possible to register as a member?
If you agree to the terms of use and consent of parental authority, you can use the service and register as a member.
Is it possible to transfer Add Account Infomation to another member?
You can not transfer information to another member.
I accidentally registered a general user registration where I should register a corporation (label).
HerePlease contact us. We will consider whether we can deal individually.
Please tell me how to check Add Account Infomation .
After Log in, you can check your account from " My Page Account".
Can I change from the free plan to the Basic Plan (paid)?
It is not possible to change from the free plan to the Basic Plan (paid).
If you wish, please stop once and apply again with the Basic Plan plan.
Can I change from the Basic Plan (paid) to the free plan?
It is possible at the timing of the update.
I want to unsubscribe.
Please proceed from "Apply for withdrawal" in "Account Settings".
To delete your account, suspend your account, or cancel BIG UP !, you must meet the following requirements.
• Please stop all the contents being published. (Artists and songs)
• Please stop all the songs that are being distributed to the store. (Store distribution stopped from [My Music] screen)
• After the store distribution is stopped, Sales earnings will stop. (3 months after application suspension)
• The Sales must be less than 1,000 Yen.
* In the case of less than 1,000 yen, distributions will be transferred to the bank account you registered at the time of withdrawal.
If the transfer destination information is not Add, please use the link on the withdrawal screen to get Add or go to “My Page” → “Account Settings” → “Account” page Please send your deposit account information to Add from "Edit the transfer information".
I want to unsubscribe from e-mail magazine.
Select "Edit profile information" from "Account settings" of " My Page ", and select "Do not receive" in the mail magazine item.

payment fee

Is it possible to refund the delivery fee service use fee?
We can not refund the fee for using the delivery agency service after the start of the delivery procedure, unless the delivery was actually made due to the circumstances of our company.

Delivery agency service

I want to unsubscribe.
Please click the applicable title from "Product List" on My Page and proceed from "Unsubscribe".
Please note that it will take about 2 weeks from the application for suspension of distribution to suspension of distribution to be suspended at all distribution stores.
I want you to redistribute the music whose distribution has stopped.
Once a title has been unsubscribed, it cannot be redistributed. Please Add as a new title.
Delivery music was stopped by distribution company.
Please be advised that it may be suspended due to the terms of the distributor.
The effective period approaches, I want to extend the period. Do you have any information?
When it is time to renew your contract, you will receive a "renewal notice" via email or important notice. At that time, you can select ① Update ② Plan change within 30 days before the update date. If you need urgent response such as losing your rights, please contact us from here.


Is campaign privilege available even outside the campaign period?
When you use campaign benefits, please check the expiration date for each campaign benefit.

Monetize YouTube

Is YouTube monetizing free?
Free. However, we will return 55% of the profit.
Is it possible to monetize YouTube using a free tone generator?
Please check the copyright holder, or the terms of the source from which you acquired the free sound source.
When I uploaded my song to YouTube, I was warned that "content was claimed for copyright infringement".
If you apply for the YouTube monetization program, BIG UP! Will make a claim on behalf of the user and it will be the same song as the one Add with Content ID in this Service because it is a Service to return profit to the user If you decide that YOUTUBE has uploaded a song to your YouTube video, you will also file a Content ID claim in the name of BIG UP!
I want to cancel YouTube monetization (Content ID Add).
"Song name" and "Artist name" you want to release from YouTube monetizationInquiry formPlease let me know more.

Create Artsit

Is it possible to register multiple artists?
Is possible.
The registered artist name and the notation on the delivery store are different.
Depending on the distribution store, it may be related to another artist, or the notation may be changed according to the provision of the delivery store. Please note.

Delivery application

What is a distribution application?
It is a series of Add work to input necessary information such as artist Add, product Add, song Add, plan selection etc. and distribute it to stores such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, LINE MUSIC etc.
What kind of Artwork is required?
File Format: JPG or PNG File Format
File size: within 20MB
Image size: 1600 pixels or more per square
Images that infringe copyright are not allowed
Can I use the same jacket for multiple distribution Album?
同一ジャケット画像を、他の配信パッケージに使用することはお控えください。 別商品で同じジャケット画像を使用する際には、アーティスト名または商品名が入ったものをアップロードしてください。
I want to include "feat. Artist name" in the distribution title.
It is impossible to put "feat. Artist name" in the title and distribute it.
"Of product information Add"" Of the music information Add Please specify "featuring connective word" and input "Featuring artist".
What is JAN / UPC?
The JAN code is an abbreviation of "Japanese Article Number", which is a product identification code popular in Japan. UPC code is an abbreviation for "Universal Product Code", which is a unified product code used in the United States and Canada.
What is ISRC?
It is an abbreviation for "International Standard Recording Code" and is called "International Standard Recording Code" in Japanese. It is the only international standard code used for identification of recording (audio recording and music video recording).
Is it possible to upload a sound source on a smartphone?
Is possible.
Since the sound file size may be large, we recommend uploading in a Wi-Fi environment.
Can't upload song
"WAV file (44.1kHz, 16bit)" can be uploaded only within 10 minutes.
* Songs may not be uploaded in formats other than the above.
For details, please refer to the [BIG UP!] Delivery Guidelines (Detailed Rules).
I want to distribute songs for more than 10 minutes
"WAV file (44.1kHz, 16bit)" can be uploaded only within 10 minutes.
* Songs may not be uploaded in formats other than the above.
If you wish to Add a song longer than 10 minutes, you will need to send a separate song file.Inquiry formPlease contact us.
I want to Download the data of the product for which I applied for distribution
Please access the product details screen of the product. "Product data Download " will be displayed on the product introduction and lower right, so select it and the Download screen will be displayed. You can Download product information (the information you entered when applying for distribution), the Artwork, and each sound source data. Please Download and use as needed.
Long review time
Judging may take some time. Please note.
Lyrics not reflected in distribution store
Even if you enter the lyrics information, it is not basically provided to the distribution site. Please note.
Artist image not reflected in distribution store
Artist images are not provided to distribution stores. In principle, it will only be displayed in BIG UP! Please note.
I want to add a distribution store
Please click the applicable title from " My Page " → "Product list" and follow the procedure at "Add distribution store" at the bottom.
When will it be reflected in the distribution store?
The timing of music distribution differs for each distribution store.
For stores that have not started distribution, please wait for a while.
Also, if you do not specify the desired delivery date, distribution will start as soon as the distribution store is ready, so the distribution date will be different depending on the distribution store.
I want to change my application
You cannot change the content during the review.
If you wish to return the application, please select "About music" from the inquiry form, and contact us with the "Artist name" and "Title name". After sending back, correct it yourself and apply again.
I want to change the content being distributed
The content of the title that has started distribution cannot be changed during the distribution period. Please stop distribution by yourself, change it, and apply again. Please check the contents carefully before Add.
Can cover songs be sold digitally?
Send to
I want to specify the Preview time.
The viewing time of the distribution store is set if you can specify it on the "Song information Add " screen. However, on BIG UP !, it will be viewed from the head even if specified.
What if you want to upload an Album with more than 22 songs?
Consider splitting the song and delivering it in multiple titles.
Screen does not display / transition normally.
If the site is not displayed properly, please check the System Requirements.
Can I distribute compilation Album?
Is possible. If there are 3 artists or less, Add Album artist with the same name as the "product name" and set it. In the case of 4 artists more Album artist of the artist as "Various Artsits" Add please refer to the setting carried out.


I want to get the URL of SHARE LINK!
SHARE LINK! Will be provided when distribution starts on Spotify / AWA / LINE MUSIC after applying for distribution. Select "delivery destination link display" from the product detail screen and product introduction below. The SHARE LINK! Screen will be displayed. Please use it according to the intended use, such as sharing the distribution destination URL on SNS.This articlePlease refer to the guide for how to use it.

Artist page

Is it possible to create an artist page as a member?
After Sign Up the artist Add and complete the distribution application will be created automatically.
You can edit from My Page Artist Details.
I want to display the link of SNS and the link of the YouTube channel.
The URL of each SNS and YouTube channel can be registered on the artist page.

Report function

What is the bulletin report?
The bulletin report is the number of sales from each distribution site (preliminary report value of daily). Please be forewarned that it may differ from the confirmed sales number confirmed at the end of the month.
What is the confirmation report?
The confirmed report reports the number of sales confirmed and reported at the end of each month from each distribution store. Since the reporting timing differs for each distribution store, "Store list"Please refer to.
There is a difference between the Daily Report and the Sales Report
売上の確定・報告タイミングにつきましては、配信ストア毎に異なります。 詳しくは「Store listPlease refer to.


When will payment be made?
Members need to do "withdraw" themselves. We will make the transfer on the following day every month.
· Application from the 16th to the last day of every month: the next month of the application month 10th
· Application from 1st to 15th of every month: 25th application month
※ If 10th and 25th are bank holiday, it will be the next business day.
* Withdrawal is possible from 1,000 yen or more.
I have been withholding tax.
10.21% for general members and 20.42% for overseas members are withheld. Please note.
Although I did not "withdraw", I was transferred to the bank account without permission.
How much does one Download cost?
Please refer to "Distribution rate" from each store in the store list.
The unit price of streaming varies depending on the distribution site and the month when it was played, so the unit price cannot be clearly specified. Please understand.