Privacy Policy

In consideration of the importance of protecting personal information, the Avex group strives to protect personal information, personal number and specific personal information (hereinafter referred to as "specific personal information, etc.") based on the following policy I will.


1. Formulation of personal information protection compliance program and ongoing improvement

The Avex group aims to encourage directors and employees to recognize the importance of protecting personal information and to protect personal information, specific personal information, etc. Personal information protection compliance program (this policy, "Personal Information Protection Basic Regulations "And other regulations and regulations), and continuously improve it.

2. Compliance with "Personal Information Protection Regulations"

In accordance with the "Basic Regulations for Personal Information Protection" and other regulations and rules, the Avex Group has established a management system for protecting appropriate personal information and specific personal information, taking into consideration the work content and scale of each division, We will appropriately collect information, specify personal information, etc. and make appropriate correspondence to information entity, such as disclosure and correction of personal information, specific personal information etc. to information entity (principal).

3. Accuracy and safety of personal information, specific personal information, etc.

In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information and specific personal information, the Avex group strives to keep accurate and up-to-date personal information and specific personal information, By taking reasonable safety measures from both sides, we will endeavor to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc. to personal information / specific personal information etc.

4. Compliance with laws and other norms concerning personal information protection

The Avex group will comply with the provisions of laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information and the norms and guidelines specially established by administrative agencies and others.

Date of enactment: January 2016
Avex Corporation
Representative Director and President Masato Matsuura

privacy policy

In the Avex group, we are committed to complying with laws and other norms concerning the protection of personal information regarding customer's personal information and handling it appropriately according to the contents described below. In addition, with regard to the use of numbers for identifying specific individuals in administrative procedures with respect to personal numbers and specific personal information of business parties (hereinafter referred to as individual numbers and specific personal information) We declare below to handle properly according to.
Please read here for using specific personal information.

1. Management of personal information

In order to prevent the leakage, loss, destruction loss, etc. of personal information, the Avex group strives to protect personal information held by applying appropriate safety control measures according to laws, guidelines and internal rules of the Avex group . We will also educate our employees about appropriate handling of personal information, and strive to ensure every effort is made to protect them.

2. Acquisition of Personal Information and Purpose of Use

  1. The Avex group will do this by appropriate means when we collect customer's personal information. In addition, when the Avex group intends to acquire personal information, and when it is provided directly from the customer in writing or via the Web, the purpose of using personal information will be clearly stated. However, when the purpose of use is clear from the situation at the time of provision, we may omit explicit use of purpose.
  2. Avex group will use personal information to the extent necessary for achieving the following purpose of use.
    1. (A) In order to confirm or to deliver the application of the product / service you purchased / registered
      1. 1. Confirmation of purchase of goods and delivery
      2. 2. Confirmation of application to the event and delivery of admission tickets etc.
      3. 3. Confirmation of application of e-mail delivery service and delivery of e-mail
      4. 4. Confirm registration to various membership services and provide services
      5. 5. In order to send a remuneration etc. to the questionnaire we cooperated
      6. 6. In order to send prizes etc. to prize prizes etc
    2. (A) To provide and improve products and services you use and to develop new services
      1. 1. To improve the contents of products / services, web sites, etc. so that everyone can satisfy more
      2. 2. To customize the contents of products / services, web sites, etc. for individual customers
      3. 3. In order to investigate the degree of satisfaction with the information or products ordered by the customer
      4. 4. In order to grasp the usage situation of customers and to use them for improvement of services and development of new services
    3. (C) In order to deliver information related to products and services that we offer
      1. 1. To deliver Avex group artists and information on various events
      2. 2. In order to deliver information on various membership services and other various services
      3. 3. In order to report the request for cooperation to the questionnaire and the result etc.
    4. (E) For confirmation and communication of applications to those who applied for audition, student recruitment, recruitment
      1. 1. For confirmation and contact of the application to the audition
      2. 2. For confirmation and communication of application for student recruitment and recruitment
  3. Personal information acquired and possessed before the enforcement of the Personal Information Protection Law (before March 31, 2005) will continue to be used for the above purpose of use.
  4. If the Avex Group succeeded the business by merger, spin-off, business transfer, etc. and acquired personal information, within the scope of obtaining consent from the person himself / herself before the succession or in order to achieve the purpose of use notified or announced We will use it within the necessary range.
  5. In the case based on laws and regulations, when it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, if it is necessary to cooperate with the national institutions etc., even if it is outside the above purpose of use, prior consent is given We may obtain personal information or use it without obtaining it.

3. About providing personal information to third parties

Avex group will not provide personal information to third parties except in the following cases.

  1. In case you got your consent in advance
  2. In order to achieve purpose of use, when the Avex group provides it to outsourcing parties who do appropriate supervision
  3. In the case where personal information is acquired for the purpose of providing to a third party and the purpose, the data item to be provided, the providing means, the destination of the stop request are notified or in a state which can be easily known
  4. In cases where it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or wealth, and it is difficult to obtain customer's consent
  5. In cases where it is ordered from the government agencies or local public entities or those entrusted with them under provision of laws and regulations
  6. When Avex Group provides personal information through merger, spin-off, business transfer, etc.

4. Shared use of personal data

Regarding the shared use of personal data,HerePlease see.

5. Writing personal information on bulletin board etc.

At the Avex group, we provide services such as bulletin boards that customers can write on the website etc. of each artist. Please be aware that personal information disclosed by you on writing to bulletin board etc can be viewed by other users as well.
In addition, the Avex group site may have links to sites other than this group. We are not responsible for the handling of personal information at the linked site, so please understand.

6. Inquiries and Procedures for Disclosure of Personal Information

  1. In the Avex group, if the customer himself / herself or the agent wishes to correct, add, delete (withdraw) etc concerning the customer's personal information, please contact us at the following window ( In addition, although Avex Inc. is responsible for managing the personal information shared within the Avex group, the following contact point is taken as the unified window of the Avex group). Regarding Account Infomation etc. Add by the customer himself on the Web, you can correct, add, delete (withdraw) your personal information by yourself.

    For personal information on the website and other personal information, please contact the following

    Avex Customer Support
    +81-570-064-414 (Reception Hours On Weekdays 11: 00 ~ 18: 00)
    Click here for inquiry form

  2. Please be forewarned that we may ask you to confirm whether you are the principal of the customer or the customer's legitimate agent in case of inquiry. If you wish to disclose, correct, etc, please contact the counter for various procedures.
  3. Please understand beforehand that it may not be able to respond to the request if it falls under the following matters.
    1. (A) When you can not confirm with yourself or a legitimate agent
    2. (A) In case of request for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, etc. concerning personal information which does not correspond to owned personal data of Avex group
    3. (C) In cases where Avex Group may harm the life, body, property or other rights and interests of the principal or a third party by disclosing possessed personal data
    4. (D) When there is a risk that the Avex group may have a serious obstacle to the proper implementation of the Avex group's business by disclosing retained personal data
    5. (E) In cases where the Avex group will violate other laws by disclosing possessed personal data
    6. (Iv) In cases where corrections, additions, etc. are requested for personal data possessed by Avex Group, if there is no need for correction etc. from the purpose of use or if the request differs from the fact
    7. (Iv) In cases where a request is made for deletion, suspension of use (hereinafter referred to as "suspension of use, etc.") concerning personal data held by the Avex group, the Avex group's procedural violation In cases where the use, acquisition or provision to third parties other than the reasons falling under (1) - (6)) is not approved
    8. (Iv) In cases where it is difficult for us to suspend the use etc., when we are requested to suspend usage etc concerning personal data possessed by the Avex group, and we can protect the rights and interests of our customers through alternative means
  4. In the Avex group, special consideration is given to the handling of personal information of customers under 13 years of age. In order to inform personal information from customers under the age of 13, please be sure to provide personal information after getting approval from the parents.
  5. If you call us at the inquiry window, we will record the contents of the call for the purpose of confirming the facts about the call contents, accurately answering the inquiries, improving the telephone response manners of the contact personnel etc. there is.

Handling of personal information on the website

  1. About cookies
    Cookies are information that the Web server sends to your browser so that you can use the Web site comfortably. Avex groups may use cookies for customers who use websites. In addition, you can set to refuse to accept cookies, but in that case, we may not be able to use all or part of the services provided by our group website.
  2. Protection of personal information on link destination
    The Avex group can not assume the responsibility for the handling of personal information on Web sites operated by other than the Avex group linked from the Web site.

About revision

The Avex group may change this Privacy Policy due to changes in laws and regulations.

Established April 1, 2005
Revised January 1, 2016
Avex Corporation